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Why Kratom May Become Illegal


Lately there  have a lot of  discussions  about  Kratom. The discussions revolve around the Drug Enforcement Agencies pronouncement that its planning to  ban the selling of Kratom, claiming that  it's addicting, does not have any medical benefits whatsoever and poses health dangers to boot.  Users of Kratom are vehement in their protests. They  maintain that they  get something beneficial from it  and that it is  not  really  addicting.


What is Kratom and is DEA planning to ban it?  The Kratom  products that are being sold  for public consumption is  derived from the Kratom tree which  belongs to the coffee  family. It is found primarily in Southeast  Asian countries  like Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand and in the island of Papua New Guinea  in  the Pacific. It  has been used in these countries  for  centuries as traditional medicine for the treatment of treat  pains and inflammatory  problems. Kratom contains some stimulants  and opiate properties.


When Kratom was first introduced  to the US  and other  western counties it was used  primarily for managing chronic pain and to  alleviate  the effect of opium  withdrawal.  Nowadays it is also used as an entertainment drug.


The DEA  takes issue  about the side effects of best Kratom which  includes constipation, nausea,  vomiting, seizure, psychosis  and  addiction.   Users contend that Kratomis  not addicting  and can't  possibly cause seizure since the  vomiting will  prevent it. At any rate, they say the DEA will  deprive  people suffering from  chronic pain an  effective  remedy  which can  put a heavy toll on their lives. 


To date the DEA has  yet to  issue a formal declaration of  a ban. It may issue the ban  in the succeeding days  or not all since a definitive study on Kratom has yet to be conducted. You can also learn more about kratom by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4RkCCh1aJs.


If  you interested in Kratom to treat pains or as  an entertainment  drug, the still many  online stores selling them. Be sure though that you  take just enough of it to avoid its identified side effects. There  are users' guides in the internet that you can read. They provide tips safe dosage, when you take it and other  tips that should make it effective against  your pains or   guarantee your enjoyment if you are taking it as an entertainment drug.


Kratom  can  be smoked or  drank  like tea.  The  latter is  better. Smoking  requires a great amount of leaves in order for the Kratom to have an effect on you. Know the terms of service here!